Guided Messages

I have been intuitive and sensitive to the energy around me all of my life, in my late 20's, I shut down my abilities and tried for a long time to ignore the spirit world I felt around me. I didn't understand what I was sensing, didn't know how to control it, and back then there were not as many places to search for help in understanding. I concentrated on raising a family, started and ran a successful business, and focused on "life." When my father passed in 2009, the energies came rushing back in so fast I thought I was losing my mind. Knowing, however, that something else was happening, I searched for help in the psychic world. I found answers and support in learning how to control my abilities.

~~Guided Messages come in ALL forms...Open and you will receive them


~~My name is Joann Schweitzer, I am a psychic medium, spirit channel and a Trinity Energy Progression Practitioner located in  N.E. Dallas.